Floral Thank You Seeded Greeting Card


  • 5.5"x4.25"
  • Folded
  • Blank Inside
  • Seeded

These greeting cards are printed on handmade wildflower seeded paper and paired with a kraft envelope. They are hand letterpress printed on our vintage printing presses. Designed, printed and packaged in our Lawrence, Kansas studio. Singles are packaged individually in a clear protective sleeve. Boxes are packaged in a clear plastic box.


Say Thank You With Flowers

Say thank you with flower blooms! Our special, seeded greeting cards are more than just a thoughtful message. The handmade paper is embedded with wildflower seeds. After your recipient enjoys the hand printed, letterpress thank you design, they can plant the card for a lasting gift in the form of flowers. These cards are sold as singles or in a boxed set to keep handy anytime a thank you card is needed.

Card Planting Instructions :
This handmade paper is embedded with wildflower seeds that will grow almost anywhere. Moisten the card and plant just under the surface of soil in a sunny spot. Water regularly until seeds germinate. It is recommended to start seeds indoors. Sprouts will form in 10-14 days. 100 days to plant maturity.