Bookworm Pencil Set


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  • Non-Smear
  • Unsharpened
  • 8 Pencils

An assorted set of 8 themed No. 2 graphite cedar pencils. Packaged in a beautiful, hand die cut gift box. The pencils are hand hot foil stamped on our vintage foil stamping press. Designed, printed and packaged in our Lawrence, Kansas studio.

SKU: P009

Make Notes in the Margin

This pencil set is for the one who always has a book in their bag and their heart in a fictional world. Each hand-stamped message speaks to the book loving soul. Gift this pencil set to the bookworm in your life. Pencil phrases include: The More You Know, To Be Read, Just One More Chapter, I’d Rather be Reading, Book Hangover, Stop and Smell the Books, Page One, and Poetry and Prose.